Premium Tour

Drink a wine glass of Port wine while listening to the soothing sound of the river Douro, relax and enjoy the most beautiful Portuguese landscapes, the crew will answer all your requests on board a boat Rabelo totally "transformed" for your comfort and convenience.

There is nothing more tranquil and romantic than navigating the calm waters of the River Douro while the fish jump, the birds fly and the sun illuminates the green terraces and surrounding vegetation.

See how the train runs, meters above the landscape while you relax, eat and drink the best that has the wheel kitchen duriense people.

This is the true natural beauty and the reason why the region was declared a UNESCO World Heritage ... lose yourself and find yourself!



Terms and Conditions

The execution or continuity of this service is condtioned by:

Possible adverse weather conditions or safety conditions, judging by our sailors; | Malfunction or sudden maintenance of vessels; | Imposition of the authorities in any capacity.