Boat Trip "Pinhão-Tua-Pinhão"

No hurry, no stress, zigzagging along the Douro River, look closely at the flora and fauna, all calmly. After all, we have about two hours ride, long enough to discover the Douro river, always surrounded by comfort and nature.

Let the taste of the water and stream silently through the green banks, because only then we can visit those places that usually only see on picture postcards and in television documentaries, authentic pieces of paradise ... lose yourself and find yourself!


- 10:30/14:30  -


- 2 Hours - 


Terms and Conditions

The execution or continuity of this service is condtioned by:

Possible adverse weather conditions or safety conditions, judging by our sailors; | Malfunction or sudden maintenance of vessels; | Imposition of the authorities in any capacity.